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    Tai Chi and Qi Gong Martial Arts

    Beijing School: Tai Chi Chuan forms (according to the techniques of the National Wushu Federation of China)

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    Tai Chi with weapons

    Sword, double sword, stick, fan, saber, long sword, spear and ball

  • Qi Gong

    Qi Gong

    Taoist gymnastics as part of traditional Chinese medicine

The Tai Chi Association of Marbella invites you to join and enjoy Chinese martial arts that will fill you with health and wellbeing

Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

According to traditional Chinese philosophy the term “Qi Gong” means “Life Energy Cultivation”, a method of cultivating and balancing the life energy (Chi). The concept of Qi Gong is combined with the techniques of martial arts, especially with Tai Chi, Chinese medicine and philosophy. Qi Gong involves rhythmic breathing coordinated with slow stylized repetition of fluid movements and the visualization of directing Chi through the body. These exercises (dynamic and static) form the base of the inner work of the body as good preparation for the practice of Tai Chi.

Health benefits of Qi Gong:

  • Stimulating of physical functions
  • Keeping body cells healthy and energetic
  • Activation of hormonal functions
  • Improvement of circulation of Chi through the canals and meridians
  • Strengthening organs
  • Increasing body residence
  • Stabilizing life energy

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that promotes health. The harmony of the movements generate happiness and enrich the spirit.

Tai Chi (Tai Ji)

Tai Chi Chuan (Tai Ji Quan)

"Tai Chi (The Great Ultimate) comes from Wu Ji (Undifferentiated Oneness) and is the mother of yin and yang.” by Wang Tsung-Yüeh.

According to Chinese philosophy the term “Tai” means “supreme, grand, great”, “Chi” means “ultimate, extreme”, “Chuan” symbolize “fist”, “Jian” is the practice with arms “sword”. In the universe all things are the manifestation of an interaction between Yin (passive) and Yang (active). In the concept of Tai Chi all the movements represent a permanent interaction between these two forces to build a dynamic system. Tai Chi is one part of the traditional Chinese Martial Arts called Wushu. This popular sport is exercised to keep the body in good condition and to prevent or heal diseases.

The positive aspects of Tai Chi:

  • All movements are performed slowly and are floating in a continuous way to balance the power energy (Chi) of the whole body
  • Natural breathing is necessary. Some parts of the exercises are done while breathing into the stomach. Breathing is in rhythmic harmony with the movements of the body
  • The exercises require full concentration while the mind is not deflected by anything

The mental and physical benefits of Tai Chi

From the viewpoint of sport’s medicine Tai Chi is an important way of prevention and treatment of diseases but also an important part of the healing process in hospitals (e.g. improving high blood pressure). As both body and mind are trained at the same time, these exercises stimulate the cortex by activating some parts of the brain and by retarding other parts. This allows the brain to relax and stops the tension on the cortex which is provoked by different bad influences. Therefore this sport is part of the healing process for diseases of the nerves and soul.
Tai Chi requires the whole body – active and passive (Yang and Yin). While doing the exercises the muscles are worked in a gentle way, going from tension to relaxation. The muscles are strengthened by flexing and stretching. Tai Chi is an excellent way of strengthening the bones and consequently prevents atrophy. The flexibility of the whole body is trained by the smooth movements. This is the reason why pliability of the joints and muscles is maintained and/or improved.
By adopting the principles and movements of Tai Chi we get in harmony with the natural rhythm of the body. To learn how to live according to this concept is a good way to improve the quality of life.

"Who wishes to draw the sword is a beginner. The one who can draw the sword is an expert. The one who is the sword itself is a master."(Risuke Otake)

International Master of Tai Chi Chuan


6º National Dan from Shenzhou Taijiquan (National Association of TaiJi Culture in Spain)
5º International Dan of Taijiquan from the National Wushu Association in China

Isabel Rosas


International Tai Chi Master with 3 Gold medals at the IX. International Wushu Tournament in Peking, China 2012
International Tai Chi Master with 1 Gold medal and 1 Bronze medal at XI. International Wushu Tournament in Peking, China 2016

Isabel Rosas


Gold medal from the Europaean Forum 2001. Prize for outstanding performance as an international professional athlete, Madrid (Spain 2016)
President of the Association Tai Chi Marbella​

Isabel Rosas

"If you practice Tai Chi every day you will get the flexibility of a child, the strength of a tiger and peace of mind of a sage."(Chinese proverb)


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